About Action Camp

Our four day camps provide Nonviolent Direct Action and action skills training for Indigenous activists, organizers, community members, and Protectors of All Nations.

IP3 Action Camps offer registration on a sliding scale fee. We strongly encourage participants representing organizations with operating budgets to cover these fees. Some travel support scholarships are available, as well as ride shares for those who would like assistance.

These camps include training tracks and workshops in nonviolent direct action (NVDA), including Creative Resistance, Blockades, and Climbing.

A little bit about Action Camp tracks:

Skoden Action Camp Video

Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA)

Nonviolent Direct Action is the use of techniques and tactics for social change and can include protest, noncooperation, and intervention. These general sessions will introduce roles, tactics, points of intervention and more. Come experience IP3 Action Camp for you and your network, and prepare yourselves for what our ancestors taught us.


The Climbing Track will cover techniques, equipment, procedures, and best practices by climbers globally. Rope access principles, mechanical devices, and other climbing methods will be introduced. The concepts shared in this track can be adopted and used by all those who integrate climbing, protest, and resistance.


The Blockades Track introduces essential skills for occupying space using technical tools and their own bodies with a focus on developing skills that will be useful in their broader activist communities.

Creative Resistance

The Creative Resistance Track is for those interested in learning how to make and use banners, silk screens, props, posters, graphics, music, puppets and a variety of other creative tools to produce effective high quality images and messages for use in direct action, street theater, marches, protests, concerts etc.


Wellness workshops were created in acknowledgement of the need for our movements and work to make space for, and to hold us, the organizers, as a whole person. We recognize that frontline action work is exhaustive on our entire being, and in an effort to preserve our health; it is important to integrate self care practices to support our mental and physical health and wellness. If we do not honor ourselves with rest and rejuvenation, there can only be a quick turn for burnout.

Our wellness workshop modules include plant medicine, yoga and movement, food sovereignty and security, nature walks and more.