IP3 believes in Black Liberation and that all Black Lives Matter today and every day.  We stand in solidarity with Black communities and know that as Black and Indigenous folx we keep us safe, we own our narrative, our true histories and WE define our futures.  As Indigenous folx healing we acknowledge our own colonization and commit to continue to address and dismantle the Anti blackness that exists in our communities.

Despite the very different histories and subjugation of native american and black people in this country, the connection is in the brutality of our histories, and the resilience of our people, thus the need for strong coalitions right now is imperative to supporting one anothers liberation.  We embrace and acknowledge all the leadership and work that continues to happen in Black communities everywhere and this month we want to uplift your beautiful joy!  Thank you to all the Black folx throughout history who have made this country what it is today.  “Joy is something that we need to come back to.  That’s one of the great secrets of the human condition, what are the sources of joy, what are the conditions for the possibility of joy.” 

~ Dr. Cornell West 

In celebrating Black Joy this month! 

A short clip of Dr. Cornell West on his experience at Standing Rock and on Joy ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKy-QC6g1nw

Irie Love singing ‘Made in the Islands’ a beautiful Joyful homage to her African and Hawaiian roots ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3rKBkcgvmY

Medicine Cypher is a living record, a network of interviews with Earthworkers* who root holistic health and earth stewardship through the knowledge-ways of the African diaspora.  Their podcast is a Joyful exploration of earth medicine by way of African peoples in this country ~ https://www.medicinecypher.com/episodes

Love and Joy 

from IP3!