IP3 values and prioritizes the knowledge we gain from our own communities.  We understand the importance of lived experience of Indigenous people.  It is through our communities that we look to, and learn what the current needs are of our people, when planning our online training and curriculum.  Our online trainings and training program in general are a result of the feedback we receive from Indigenous folks, as to what is needed from IP3 to support what each community is facing.  IP3 online trainings address the critical and current needs of Indigenous communities.  This is important today because we need online training to educate, inform, and connect with each other safely during this pandemic.  It is important for us to uplift and support each other through our online training, collaborating with other BIPOC organizations, groups and individuals.  We recently hosted a virtual plant medicine training with Laurie Books of Clary Sage Herbarium in Portland, Oregon and will be collaborating with California Kitchen in December for a four part series on Understanding Settler Colonialism.  To learn more about this webinar series look on our IG and our calendar of events.