Actions have been happening and rising up.  Protect Thacker Pass, Line 3, Old Growth Forests, and many more.  If you feel called to be in these spaces,  or if you are responding to a call for help to join a movement to support Indigenous folx, here are:

– 7 key things you should keep in mind
– Considerations when joining a movement 
– How to be an authentic ally – by @ingidenousmotherhood  

7 key things to keep in mind:

1.  Know the land you are on
2.  Make sure you know who the leadership is and follow Indigenous leadership at all times
3.  Make sure you know the ground rules or common values of the camp or action that you are going into and follow those
4.  Be self-sustaining!  Be sure you are able to sustain yourself so that you are not a burden to the people in the community
5.  Make sure you are adding to the strength that is already there
6.  Read through this link on How To Be A Good Guest –
7.  Leave the land better than you found it

When joining a movement to support Indigneous folx:  

Know why you are there  
Make sure you are there for the Right Reasons
Are you there for your own ego or your own reasons?  
Are you truly there to support Indigenous folx who are fighting against destruction and degradation of their homelands and cultural ways.  
This isn’t a play-ground  
This isn’t a selfie weekend spot 
This is not something you get to take part of for one weekend and check off on your IG checklist  
These are legit people who might not have clean drinking water.  These are real people having real struggles and a reality they cannot escape from. 
This is about generational thinking,  not ‘what can I gain from this moment.’  

Indigenous Motherhood IG account recently posted Toxic Allyship vs Authentic Allyship –
The last slide asks some critical questions that we want to highlight here for your consideration:

“How to be an Authentic Ally? As yourself the following questions:
*  Am I being an ally to mask my personal guilt/shame caused by my bloodlines actions?
*  Am I being an ally for personal gain?
*  Am I only an ally with certain people?
*  Do I romanticize Indigenous peoples in my allyship?
*  Are my behaviors coming from a place of authenticity?
*  Are my behaviors coming from a place of avoiding my own pain or a place of being truthful in who I am?”

 IP3 hopes these points are taken into serious consideration from all who feel called to join a movement to support Indigenous folx.  In implementing the 7 key things to consider,  you will be arriving in a good way, in a respectable way, and will be more efficient with your energy and time in doing so.  

Thank you and be safe out there.