In a recent live facebook video, Joye Braun a community organizer at Indigenous Environmental Network gave a thorough in depth talk on fact versus fiction regarding KXL. At this moment in time,  The United States Senate is trying to pass a bill, an economic relief bill for a covid relief package, where in it, regarding KXL Pipeline, they may try to reverse the recent Presidential Executive Order that halted KXL Pipeline earlier this month of January 2021 by President Joe Biden.  

Joye Braun urges us in her recent live regarding KXL Pipeline to contact senators immediately!  We are in a climate emergency and we must continue to put pressure on our senators now to stop KXL Pipeline.  We have power collectively to do this and we know it!  Recent letters in support of shutting down KXL Pipeline have been written to President Joe Biden by the likes of representative Ilhan Omar, as well as other prominent environmental activists.  For more up to date information about KXL Pipeline and where you can support water protectors on the ground check out the following links.

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