The unceded Pacheedaht and Ditidaht territory also known as Vancouver Island, British Colombia, has one of the oldest old-growth temperate rainforests on earth.  The Indigenous people who descend from these territories have been standing up to protect the last old-growth temperate rainforests on Vancouver island.  

“These forests are currently facing piecemeal and near-total eradication by the British Columbia government and logging companies.  Thirty-two soccer fields per day of old-growth temperate rainforest, representing the last 1% of these rare, irreplaceable and internationally-significant forest are logged every day on Vancouver island, alone.  In a downward spiraling climate and biodiversity crisis that threatens the future of all life on Earth – this situation calls for widespread non-violent civil disobedience.  We are here for all future generations and life on Earth.” –

There are currently two blocked positions on logging roads leading to road incursions into the unlogged, “Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek watershed, the last unlogged watershed in the San Juan river system including adjacent old-growth forests.” –

Below is a full statement and website on what is happening and how to get involved – 

Follow Fairy Creek Blockade to stay informed on daily actions here –

Listen in on Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht First Nations speak to the DLT (Division Liaison Team) in regards to stopping a line of 30 RCMP officers, just hours ago, here –

IP3 stands with the Indigenous tribes of the unneeded Pacheedaht and Ditidaht territory in protecting their homelands from any further endangerment of the old-growth rainforest.”