What’s up with this? 

On May 5th,  Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Day experienced extreme erasure on Instagram, of this very important day of hash tagging and posting information about this movement.  Indian Country today reported that, “Many in Indian Country woke up Thursday to a blank Instagram page as their posts from less than 24 hours before, related to the missing and murdered Indigenous women epidemic, vanished; Instagram announced the problem had been solved Thursday evening.”

Instagram did have a response.  “Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said in a tweet on Thursday that it had fixed the issue, describing it as a global technical issue that affected re-shared posts, as well as archive and highlight functions. It said the issue was not related to any hashtag used or specific content.

“We’re really sorry to everyone impacted, especially those using their platform to raise awareness about important causes like the National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Red Dress Day,” David Troya-Alvarez of Facebook Corporate Communications said in an emailed statement on Friday.” – https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/complaints-flood-social-media-as-indigenous-stories-disappear-on-instagram-1.5418147

For the whole article please open the link above, it is very informative.    

This is why it is so important for Indigenous folx to own their own narrative and begin creating their own media platforms.  IP3 will continue to follow this story as we are very concerned about this issue.