There are no words to express the magnitude of grief in solidarity IP3 is experiencing as we read and witness the bombing that is taking place on the homelands of our Palestinian relatives.  

Water Protector Mark Tilsen posted on his IG account this week:”Ya’ll need to remember that when Palestine showed up for us at Standing Rock the surveillance increased and the pay for play mercenaries began crafting the narrative we were Jihadist Insurgents.  They fought for us (drank a sh*t ton of coffee too)  We cannot forget Palestine in her time of need” 

Live updates on Israel attack on Gaza can be found here –

Top news on the Gaza strip can also be found here –

Ways to support:  Illustrator and Artist Shirien encourages us in her own words to  ‘Send a letter to your Congressional representative with the following three demands

1.  End U.S. Military Funding to Israel – The bombs and weapons Israel uses on Palestinians are funded by U.S. taxpayer money.  Demand that your representative supports H.R. 2590, which calls for an end to funding Israel’s oppression of Palestininans.  

2. Hold Israel Accountable – Demand that Congress support sanctions on Israel until it complies with international law and puts an end to its aparthied regime.  

3.  Uplift Palestinian Calls For Freedom – Demand that Congress center those most harmed by violence and oppression -the Palestinian people- and support their right to resist Israel’s ethnic cleansing.  Answer their demands for freedom, justice, and safety.  

Send the letter here:

Lastly, we leave you with a poem by Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad titled:  Gaza