Hey!  United States Border Patrol!  You need to look in the mirror.  You may be the next climate refugee. 

The irony.  The treatment of Haitian refugees simply aiming to seek safety at the border in Texas is criminal and inhumane and another example of how close history lives in the present moment, and how much work needs to be done.  Once again we are seeing how climate change is affecting the earth and forcing people to evacuate their homelands for the unknown. 

Though there are no perfect solutions, we need to step into our humanity and think about better ways to support and assist one another, especially in times of need and crisis.  What we’re seeing at the border is not even an acknowledgement of refugee status. We are seeing blatant racism.  And abuse. 

IP3 realizes it’s exhausting to be enraged 24/7.  But this is our reality and it’s time for the table to turn.  It is time for colonial borders to go by the waste side. 

To learn more about this developing story please visit – https://www.democracynow.org/2021/9/21/headlines/us_border_patrol_agents_on_horseback_whip_haitian_asylum_seekers