Sepk’eec’a Thank you so much for attending our Skodoodisden Virtual Action Camp! It has been so great to share space with you all and inspiring and motivational to listen and learn from all of our speakers and trainers. I want to thank our amazing staff and trainers for your hard work in making this event happen. Thank you to all the speakers and presenters who shared your expertise, your knowledge, wisdom and lived experiences with us, we are grateful.

In addition to our in person training tracks, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), Climbing, Blockades and Wellness, and in listening to the needs of our extended community, IP3 was excited to add some new offerings to this year’s Action Camp, including Somatics: Embodiment for Indigenous Activists, Sovereignty 101, Body Sovereignty & Consent Culture, Celebrating Black Indigenous Liberation, Food Sovereignty, and Restorative Justice & Peacemaking. It is important in the work we do to listen and adapt to the needs of Indigenous communities, and to remember that we bring our whole selves into these spaces. As such, our goal is acknowledging the needs of everyone who participates, amplifying these voices, and incorporating these values into our work for a better tomorrow.

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this was our first time hosting our action camp in a virtual space, and we are proud of the near 200 participants who took action in this year’s events. It’s important to us to be working, building and growing with community. Our work is Indigenous centered, Indigenous people building capacity with Indigenous people so that we continue. Not only as a people and communities but so that we thrive in our self-determination. So that we own our narrative. So that Decolonizing is an active action not just a phrase, land back a reoccurring return, and sovereignty more than a domestic dependent relationship. In this work there are many roles and we need folx in every role to make sure this work is transformational and creates the long term change we want to see.

Let us acknowledge and have reverence for all of our ancestors, all the ones we have lost in our movement spaces, those missing and murdered relatives, our stolen children who never got to come home… we do this work because it is ingrained in our identity. I also want to acknowledge the ones we have lost in this pandemic and those who continue to mourn and grieve. May your hearts find peace and comfort in community.

Again, thank you for spending time with us. If you want more information on training experiences with IP3 be sure to keep an eye on our events calendar. We are working hard to make our curriculum work best for all Indigenous communities. If you need support in your actions or movement work or spaces please reach out and be sure to submit a training request on our website. We offer technical assistance, online trainings and eventually in person trainings and action camps again as covid restrictions allow.

Asa Wright
Executive Director @ IP3