As of the end of April, daily demonstrations have been taking place throughout Colombia.  Thousands of folks are standing up in protest.

“The protests in Colombia are a result of frustration about widespread inequality, poverty, and police brutality, leading to dozens of deaths throughout the country. The United Nations calls on governments to maintain peace and order to allow for citizens to exercise their right to peaceful protest without violence or fear of retaliation. Join us by taking action on this issue to promote equity and justice here.”- says Global Citizen website –

According to the website – “The national strike drew thousands of supporters and resulted in mass demonstrations in Colombia’s largest cities, including Bogotá and Cali, which have reported the most incidents of violence. After four days of demonstrations, Duque withdrew the proposal on May 2, saying that his government would seek alternative routes to improve the country’s economy.

But the protests began to take on new meaning as trade unionists, students, Indigenous groups, and low-income and middle-class workers continued demonstrating, frustrated by the country’s response to COVID-19, poverty, and reports of police brutality.

Despite marches starting peacefully, at least 37 people have been killed and hundreds injured, according to local NGO Temblores. Many of these deaths have been attributed to Colombia’s police force and ESMAD, with human rights groups releasing videos of police officers using excessive force at the protests.” –

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IP3 stands in solidarity with Colombia’s resistance demonstrations and movement.”