Thacker Pass is an area in Humboldt County Nevada (North Central Nevada).  It is the traditional and current homelands of the Paiute and Shoshone people.  And is a proposed site for a lithium mine, proposed by Lithium Americas, a Vancouver Canada based company.  This area is beautiful and full of valuable habitat.  This proposed lithium mine would destroy everything in the area including the creatures who call it home.  The Tribes are opposed to this lithium mine and Lithium Americas has not reached out to the Tribes to have a conversation in regards to their homelands, and the company is now trying to fast track permits.  

According to the website: 

“The lithium mine is “to supply the electric car industry.” 

Thacker Pass is habitat for:
– Crosby’s buckwheat (rare desert wildflower only found in this area)
– King River pyrg (a critically endangered snail)
– Rabbitbrush- Jackrabbits
– Big horn sheep
– Coyotes
– Golden Eagles
– Sage grouse
– Pronghorn antelope
– Old Growth Sagebrush”       

Even though this is considered a type of “green” energy it comes with the same destructive and extractive history of every non renewable energy.  There are never easy answers or solutions but that shouldn’t mean that the go to should always be the same old systems.  

There is a camp of Land Protectors established at Thacker Pass and has been in place since January.  If you would like to help support them or know more about Thacker Pass please visit these sites below to learn more –
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