What is it?

COP26 is this year’s annual United Nations Climate Change Conference with environmental leaders from all over the world gathering in Partnership with the UK and Italy, and is currently being hosted in Glasgow Scotland.  The overarching theme for this year’s conference is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.   The goal seems to be, to be able to reach agreements this week to cut back on emissions that are polluting our atmosphere.   All of this is happening now as global leaders, including Indigenous leadership from Turtle Island, meet and discuss solutions for climate change.  

We can’t help but question,  is this conference all talk?  How important are meetings that require people to travel overseas to join them?  Is this all just a way for governments to check a box?  

These questions loom under the umbrella of this question alone:  Where is actual change coming from?  How can we gauge whether this Conference is indeed creating the urgent change we need right away.  For those of us who are not present at this conference, we may never know.  What we do know is that decisions about how to move forward are being made this week, and we can take the data and agreements that are being set this week, back to our local leaders, and continue to apply pressure where we see no change.  

IP3 supports all Indingeous leaders and organizers who are present for COP26.  

To learn more about the UK COP26 explained is here – https://ukcop26.org/wp-