IP3 is a Community Resource.  We want to be part of strengthening your community.  That is what we do.  If your community is facing trials, we just want to remind you we are here.  

Indigenous People’s Power Project, IP3 is a nonviolent direct-action training and support network advancing Indigenous communities’ ability to exercise their inherent rights to environmental justice, cultural livelihood, and self-determination. We were formed in 2004 as a project of the Ruckus Society and received our 501c3 status in June of 2020. IP3’s Mission is to provide nonviolent direct-action training, campaign support, and community organizing tools to support indigenous communities taking action in defense of their homelands. We do this by providing Indigenous centered curriculum and training camps that are customized to the needs of Indigenous communities all over turtle island who request support.

We don’t believe in parachute activism (when an individual or organization pops into a community).  Parachute activism can be harmful and dismissive of the knowledge and leadership that exists within that community.  While it can be well intentioned, it often is a band aid that can be helpful in the short term, but in the long term may not build the capacity needed to address underlying issues.  IP3 does not assume to know everything.  We only go where we are invited or our support is requested, and we work with local leadership to collectively determine how we can add value to, strengthen, and build capacity within the work they are already doing.  We meet communities where they’re at.  

Check for us on our website – https://www.ip3action.org

And fill out our Training Request so we can support you – http://www.ip3action.org/trainingrequestform/